4th International Conference on Education, Sport and Psychological Studies (ESPS 2023)

Call for Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Education, Sport and Psychological Studies

Adolescent growth and development

Adult and continuing education


Collective efficacy

Competitive sports and pain management

Dance science and education

Distance learning

Education and technology

Educational psychology

Effective teaching practices

Extremity conditions

Fitness and nutrition and health

Guidance and counseling psychology

Head and neurologic conditions

Higher education

Individual sports

Learning theories

Management of sports injury

Mental health


Nutrition and ergogenic aids

Parenting in youth sport


Physical activity

Physical and psychological functioning

Physical education and rehabilitation and adapted sports

Physical education and sports for all


Practice in sport psychology

Preperformance routines


Psychology and education

Psychometrics and psychological assessment

Psychomotor performance


Rewarding and reinforcing behavior


Special education

Special populations

Spine conditions

Sport and society

Sport management

Sport performance

Sport physiology

Sport psychology

Sports-specific illness and injury

Strength and conditioning

Stress management

Teacher education

Team building

Team sports

Teamwork and motivation

Theory and methods of physical education


Other related topics

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